Last night the Texas Rangers evened the World Series at 1-1.  Their 9th inning comeback from a 1-0 deficit was an exciting time for Rangers fans.  It kept us on the edge of our seats until the very last out. More after the jump.

At one point during the game, Sports Illustrated reports that St. Louis first base coach Dave McKay turned to Rangers first baseman Michael Young and said, "Competition at its finest." Replied Young, "It's fun, isn't it?"

Yes it is fun!  In fact it's about to get even more fun and exciting for Rangers fans.  The series moves to Texas for games 3, 4, and 5.  With the win last night, the Rangers COULD with the series at home if they win the next three!  This best of seven series is about the heat up - literally.  It's warmer in Texas than it has been in St. Louis!

I can't wait!  I just hope the Rangers put the games away early.  These last inning wins are about to give me a heart attack!  Enjoy the picture gallery I put together from game 2 of the World Series!  Go Rangers!