This Just In. Dogs Don’t Want To Go Outside in the Rain!
My dog would high five this dog and say "Amen."
A friend of mine was staring at her phone and couldn't stop laughing, and I asked her what in the heck was so funny.  This dog!  She shared it with me, and I am sharing with you.  Pet owners will relate.
5 Year Old Texas Girl Has A Run In With A Goose and Goes Viral
A 5 year old Texas girl's bad day with a goose has gone viral.
It all happened Sunday, when 5 year old Summer, her teenage sister Stevie, and their older siblings went to investigate a nest of baby geese in their neighborhood.  Everything was going just fine as the kids admired the birds...
Viral Kick In The Head Leads To Big Bucks
Are you one of the 26 million who have viewed this guy getting kicked in the head by a passing train?  It started to go viral last week when 22-year old Jared Frank posted his accidental brush with the passing train.  He said he was trying to take a selfie near a train and got too close.  So close t…
Love Video Games? Check Out This Crazy Song!
Those guys known as The Bottle Boys have gone viral again.  The last time they created a stir they were performing the Disney classic Under The Sea with only these crazy bottles.  How do they get the different notes?  With varying amounts of water of course.