10 Awesome Videos Of Things Blowing Up
We all love to watch things blow up. Why is this?  Because, as humans, we are destructive in nature. Now that everyone has a camera phone, and you can get on the internet everywhere, it makes it super easy to not only watch, but also capture video of these things exploding.  So kick back w…
10 Guys Freaking Out on Roller Coasters [VIDEO]
Given their terror-inducing nature, roller coasters can turn even the bravest thrill-seekers into whimpering babies. Watch as 10 men get much more than they bargained for on coasters and, for good measure, two giant slingshots. But, really, can anyone blame them? We’d probably cry fo…
Best Concert EVER
We were talking about what was the best concert we ever went to. You'll never guess who Jeff Evans picked - Yep, AC/DC, but can't really argue that one.
Goose and Deer Become Friends at Graveyard [VIDEO]
Interspecies relationships induce so many genuine "Awww!" moments, it's no wonder people have taken notice to the springtime friendship that's blossomed between a goose and deer at a Buffalo, NY cemetery.
Over the past week, the unusual pair has spent loads of quality time together. The mat…

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