10 Dumb Tweets About Kurt Cobain for His Birthday
Ugh, come on people. Kurt Cobain is trending pretty hard on Twitter today, since it's his birthday, but we doubt the authenticity of some of these "fans." Here are some dumb, dumb tweets dedicated to Cobain on his birthday. (We left out the twenty gazillion tweets of the quote "Wantin…
Teen Fakes Abduction on Twitter, Then Runs Away
"Life's a game, you can either play it or sit on the sidelines." This is the quote 16 year old Kara Alongi has broadcast on her Twitter. On Sunday, Alongi stuck to that and started her own game: it's called "Tweeting Wolf." Alongi used hers to tweet a supposed break in and abduct…
Twitter Girl of the Week: Vida Guerra [GALLERY]
This week a naturally tanned beauty who is a cover model, host, fitness model and actress. She's also the one I believe Sir-Mix-Alot had in mind when he wrote the song 'Baby Got Back.' Meet our Twitter Girl of the Week - Vida Guerra!
Twitter Girl of the Week: Brittany Dailey [GALLERY]
Tuesday means it's time for another edition of our Twitter Girl of the Week. This week a girl who we couldn't find too much information on. We know she's a model, but not sure for what company or magazine - if any. The only thing we really need to know about her is that she's hot…
Twitter Girl of the Week: Riley Reid [GALLERY]
Welcome to the last week of May and our last Twitter Girl of the Week for the month! This week we go out in style - with an 18 year old porn star of course! You must visit her Twitter account for more "detailed" pictures. Ladies and gentlemen, our Twitter Girl of the Week, Riley Re…
Twitter Girl of the Week: Korrina Rico [GALLERY]
Welcome to the Tuesday feature know as Twitter Girl of the Week! This week a girl who is mixed with a little bit of everything! Her father is Spanish, Italian and French. Her mother is English, Scottish, Swedish, German, Cherokee Indian. Korrina was born in Southern California.

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