Do Some Fashions Drive You Nuts?
Guys, can a mom wear really short shorts?  Can she get away with it?  I supposed it's a case-by-case basis depending on how well the legs complement the shorts, I know, I know.
Short shorts are a no-no according to one blogger, and so are crocs and certain dresses.  Ladies, whaddya think?  I think I'…
‘Thigh Gap Therapy’ Comes To Texas
It's bathing suit season, and it's time to put on the bikini and be full of confidence right ladies?  Whatever!  Most of us gals worry about how we look in a bathing suit, and if we act like we don't care, deep down inside somewhere we probably do.  We want to feel confident!
There's a place in Dalla…
Sunburn Healing Tips
Ahh, Memorial Day ... the weekend everyone decides it's about time to head out to the lake or pool and get to work on their tan. Sometimes those tans end up being sunburns, and we all know being as red as a lobster isn't much fun.
Best Summer Camps Near Tyler
If summer hasn't started yet for you and your family, it will soon. A lot of people are wondering how they can keep their kids entertained this summer, all while staying sane. But what a lot of people don't know is that there are summer camps all around Tyler that are going on all summer l…
GuySpeed End of Summer Survey Results
Put away the ice chests and pack up those board shorts, because summer is nearing its end. It’s time to take stock and look back at the Summer of 2012 with the results of our End of Summer Survey.
Best Sand Castles: 10 Beach Designs That Truly Made Waves
If people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, then what about people who live in sandcastles? After all, glass is just melted sand, right? Maybe they shouldn’t throw magma. Who knows?
The point is, it takes a special kind of sandcastle to inspire this line of questioning. The artistry, t…

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