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SNL Inspires New Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor [VIDEO]
Rumors are going around the internet that Ben & Jerry's is thinking about creating a new ice cream flavor.  It would reportedly be available just in time for the holidays and would be called “Schweddy Balls.”  This of course, after the famous Alec Baldwin's Saturday Night Live sketch.  I'm not s…
Shake Weight Cracks Up News Station [VIDEO]
This video is hysterical.  Video from a news report from Los Angeles, California where they are trying to report on a Shake Weight workout.  There are so many "that's what she said" moments in this video that I lost track of them.  Enjoy the video after the jump…
Tina Fey Pregnant [AUDIO]
News broke last week that Tina Fey is five months pregnant. The 30 Rock star announced on a yet to be aired episode of Oprah that she and her husband, Jeff Richmond, were expecting their second child. Their other child is a girl who they names Alice. More after the jump.
Foo Fighters Perform on Saturday Night Live [VIDEO]
Did you miss the Foo Fighters on Saturday Night Live this past weekend? The were on just in time to promote their 7th studio album, Wasting Light, which is coming out on Tuesday!  They performed "Rope" and "Walk" on SNL.  Check out the video of both per…

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