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Pole Dancing for Jesus Is a Real Thing [VIDEOS]
For the past several years, pole dancing classes have been springing up around the country, with attendees saying the activity is a pretty good way to stay in shape.
Now even the pious are embracing the trend, which they’ve rebranded “Pole Dancing for Jesus.&CloseCurlyDoubleQuot…
Subway Pole Dancing Is Becoming a Trend [VIDEOS]
The big news in public transportation this week was 26-year old Ryan Wenzel (not pictured), who entertained riders of New York City's L Train with a pole dance.
While the show may have seemed spontaneous, it turns out it was actually part of a shoot for an upcoming Girl Talk video.
Epic Pole Dance Fail
Earlier this month we had a post about "Making Pole Dancing an Olympic Sport?"  This epic fail proves that no matter how hot the girl is -- it's still just a girl on a pole making some dreams come true (wet dream).  Sorry guys I don't think you'll be watchi…
Petition Started to Make Pole Dancing an Olympic Sport

Vertical Dance, a British pole-dancing company, is petitioning the International Olympic Committee to get their sport recognized as a test event for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.
According to the petition, which has so far garnered about 6,000 signatures, "Over 50 countries worldwide take …