Texas Musician Earns a Role in the Upcoming Prince Docu-Drama
A Texas musician missed his chance to audition for the role of Prince in an upcoming film, but he'll still be part of the finished product.  Or at least one body part will be!  See why it's just his hands.
Dallas-based musician Ronnie Heart has been noticed for the ways that he resembles Prince when …
Are Texas Dance Halls A Thing Of The Past?
Central Texas has some dance halls with history behind them, like the Broken Spoke in Austin, and Gruene Hall about 45 minutes to the south.
Those two spots seem to have enough history and tradition behind them to continue drawing a crowd, and they've got that cool factor that attracts both olde…
10 Badass Fictional Characters In Popular Music
Throughout all of history music has been there to tell stories.  It has told takes of war, love and heartbreak.  We aren’t looking at that boring stuff though.  We want to take a look at some of the most bad ass fictional characters in music.
We have spanned genres and time to come up with 10 charact…

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