Do Texans Still Smoke?
The price of cigarettes has increased. Smoking has been banned from quite a few bars and restaurants. There's a lawsuit that's trying to get smoking removed completely from movies that target kids.  Is smoking so marginalized that we've almost seen the end of it in Tyler?
Tyler Movie Prices Hit a Record High
The cost of a movie ticket varies of course, depending on the time of day that you go and whether it's showing on a premium screen like an IMAX. But overall, the price to see a flick is going up at Studio Movie Grill and Carmike 14 and others.
Here's how much cash you should have in yo…
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Made Me Feel Funny
If you're with me on the love for Tina Fey, you probably skipped the Zootopia line over the weekend and saw Whiskey Tango Foxtrot instead. If anyone can make a war zone funny it's Tina Fey.  But do we want to? Here's the thing.
How Movie Magic is Made [VIDEO]
With the fourth of July coming at us in a couple of days, a lot of big movies will be hitting the big screen as well. If you are playing on spending some of your holiday in the theater watching one of this summer hits, you may want to see a bit of how this movie magic was made. For instance, have yo…
Moviegoers Are Watching Fewer 3D Movies [POLL]
Monster's University debuted in the box office last weekend in the #1 position by raking in over $82 million and of that 30% of that total was from 3D ticket sales. You would think that would be a pretty good percentage of ticket sales, however, it's one of the lowest percentages for an an…

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