The Average Person Spends $77 on Halloween
Have you added up how much you spend on costumes and candy?  The National Retail Federation says those things plus the decorations and pumpkins to carve, add up to $77.52 per person.  That's plenty, but if you have kids doesn't that actually seem a little low?
Parents, Are Your College Grads Still Asking For Money?
Congrats UT-Tyler, A&M, and all you other college grads!  Now what?
A new study says half of college graduates are asking Mom and Dad for money, whether it's a little for small purchases here and there, or whether it's a lot for groceries, rent, and a car.
Life is expensive! &nb…
Protecting Your Debit Card Now
The technology of thieves is growing everyday. They have smarter and smarter devices and ways to steal your bank information. Protect your debit card now before they get to it.