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Top Freebies and Specials for Election Day
Tomorrow the 45th president of the United States will be elected. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have been campaigning for months and tomorrow it will all come to an end. Some companies are celebrating this historic event by giving you free things or by giving some special offers. Why not take advanta…
‘Fox & Friends’ Punked by Guest [VIDEO]
Check out this uncomfortable video from 'Fox & Friends' this morning (9/17) where a guest apparently punk's host Gretchen Carlson. He claims to be a former President Obama supporter, but is now voting for Mitt Romney.
The Killers Are Mitt Romney’s Favorite Band
We know that President Obama’s musical taste ranges from Al Green to Bruce Springsteen to Jay-Z. So who does presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney rock out to? The list of his favorite bands includes the Beach Boys, Kenny Chesney and a modern rock act you might not …
C-SPAN Gets Trolled By Prank Callers [VIDEO]
Now I have never been that much into politics or prank calls for that matter, but it seems like you just can't get away from all the political pundits on TV right now.  That's why I found this video a little bit funny.