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Matt Damon Says He Would Be the Superhero Ben Affleck Deserves
Matt Damon has done a lot of things: He’s played a super spy, a con-man, an informant, an astronaut, a genius, and all sorts of fun characters who could also be action figures. The one thing he hasn’t done yet is play a superhero, and according to the star of Jason Bourne, that’…
‘Jason Bourne’ Trailer: Jason Bourne Is Back in Action
After an unfortunate break (yes, we’re looking at you The Bourne Legacy), Matt Damon is back as Jason Bourne in the coincidentally titled Jason Bourne. Today, the first full Jason Bourne trailer has arrived, and it promises a welcome return for our favorite CIA assassin with amnesia.…
Matt Damon Says More ‘Bourne’ Unlikely
When 'The Bourne Legacy' was released, producer Frank Marshall mentioned that he hoped a fifth film would bring the characters played by Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner together. This may be wishful thinking as Damon has recently said that he doesn't think he'll go back for more.
President Obama vs. Matt Damon — Who Has Bigger Cajones?
Did anyone get the impression from the new Elle magazine that Matt Damon might want someone to challenge President Obama on the Democratic side in 2012? . The ‘We Bought A Zoo’ star says he would have rather had “a one-term President with some balls who actually got stuff…
Jeremy Renner Set to Take Over ‘Bourne’ Movies
Two-time Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner is set to take over the 'Bourne' franchise from Matt Damon, Deadline is reporting.
Universal Pictures has formally made an offer to him, and Renner is expected to sign on quickly for a September start date.
Eastwood’s “Hereafter” Pulled From Japanese Theateres [VIDEO]
Because of the films depiction of a survivor from the 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia, Warner Bros Japan division thought it best to pull the film.
Sometimes a film can hit a little to close to home.  Such is the case with Clint Eastwood’s latest project Hereafter.  The film was put out back in Oct…