A Moving Truck Was Hit By A Bolt Of Lightning [VIDEO]
In the movie "Back To The Future", Doc was trying to get 1.21 gigawatts of energy into the Flux Capacitor in the DeLorean to give him enough power to get back to the future. Fortunately for him he knew when and where there was going to be a lightning strike. Now, had the couple in the truc…
When Lightning Strikes — And What It Can Do [VIDEO]
I’m sitting at my desk, listening in on a conference call with about 60 other people across our company. I can hear the rain, a little thunder — it’s noticeable, but not distracting. I start to answer an email, and needless to say, I experienced something for th…
Lightning Strikes the 96X Studios [VIDEO]
After our station got directly jack-hammered with some of Zeus' best, leaving our station off the air around 1:15 this afternoon, I figured I'd try to make the best of it and get a little learnin' in.