A Texas Company is Hiring Someone to Take Naps
This could very well be your dream job. A Texas-based company is looking for someone to test mattresses and write about the experience on social media. If you want a job taking naps, you've got a few days left to apply.
Highest Paying Jobs Come From These UT-Tyler Majors
If you are after a high-paying job and you picked an engineering major at UT-Tyler, or one of these degree programs at Tyler Junior College, you're well on your way.
What other college majors will lead to the most money after graduation?
This is the Poorest Town in Texas
Every state has cities where the money seems to flow more easily than others, and the spot in Texas that has the most trouble getting on its financial feet is in the southern tip, near McAllen and Brownsville.
In other words, there IS opportunity in Tyler and Longview.  We're not the riches…

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