Facebook Reveals All-New News Feed
In its biggest design change since unveiling the Timeline in 2011, Facebook announced and unveiled a radically redesigned News Feed today during a special press event. But how will users respond?
Best Cat Video Ever Made — Patty Cake Cats [VIDEO]
Sure, there are lots of videos of cats on the internet. Some are cute, some are sad (thanks a lot Sarah Mclachlan), and some are funny. With an overwhelming amount of these clips on YouTube and Facebook, you might be getting tired of them. If they are all starting to run together and get boring to y…
The 20 Most Annoying Things People Do on Facebook
We’ve all done it. We’re all guilty at times of some of the most annoying posts on Facebook. So I asked around the station here, and compiled a laundry list of the most annoying things people do on Facebook. You may be guilty of one or more of these!
96X Facebook Announcement
Thank you for helping the 96X Facebook page get to over 3,000 fans! For every new 1000 fans we get we’ll go commericial free for the day, so suggest 96X to your friends now.   click here
Senior Pictures ‘Too Sexy’ For Yearbook?
Danny Merrell at our sister station KNUE did this story on Friday and it created a lot of buzz and varying opinions by their audience. I wanted to share it with you and see if the rock audience had a different opinion on the subject. A high school senior at Durango High School in Colorado is upset b…

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