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‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’ Hires New Directors
I remain unconvinced that we will ever see a Beverly Hills Cop 4. Beverly Hills Cop 3 came out in 1994 and made just $42 million in the U.S. against a $50 million budget. It was also terrible, although that last part has never stopped a studio from making further sequels before. Still it’s mo…
Eddie Murphy Is Not Dead
The website MediaFetcher.com, a site known for creating and spreading bogus celebrity death stories struck again on Friday. Twitter blew up with reports that comedian and actor Eddie Murphy had died.
Will Eddie Murphy Appear on ‘Saturday Night Live’ This Weekend?
Eddie Murphy hasn’t been on ‘Saturday Night Live’ since 1984, and he hasn’t even participated in the various reunion shows that have happened in the years since he left the show. But he could show up this weekend.
Murphy’s co-star in the new movie ‘Tower Heist’ is Ben Stiller, who just so happens to …
Eddie Murphy Named Academy Awards Host
Looks like the rumors were true — actor and comedian Eddie Murphy has been officially tapped to host the 84th annual Academy Awards. Although Murphy has hosted other awards shows, this will be his first gig at the Oscars.
“Eddie is a comedic genius, one of the greatest and most influential live perfo…