Need a Stocking Stuffer Idea? Beer from Concentrate
When we're in the mood for lemonade or peach tea, there are packets of powder available that miraculously transform our bottled water into our drink of choice just by adding a little drink packet and mixing it up.
Is it possible to do that with beer? The inventions never cease!
The Top 5 Beers to Drink on National IPA Day
That is right folks, today is National IPA Day. This is a day that should be widely celebrated by the best of beer lovers. Not much of an IPA fan? What is wrong with you? Take this day to become acquainted with one of the best gifts to the world, IPA.
What Makes a Bartender the Best? [POLL]
When you find a great watering hole for those weekend nights, date nights, or just a cold beer after a hard day, you want your favorite bar to come with equipped with a great bartender. How do you determine what makes the best bartender? Sure, at the end of the night with a few under your belt almos…
Why Does My Beer Smell Like a Skunk?
It does not take the well trained nose of a beer aficionado to determine if a beer has gone bad or not. No sir; upscale brew connoisseur and backwoods drunkards alike know that there is only one word to describe the putrid scent of beer gone rotten – and that is “skunk.&CloseCurlyDoubleQ…

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