Texas BBQ Restaurant Has the Strangest Combination Ever
The combination of brisket and pickles might take a little getting use to for some of us, but it usually isn't long before we realize it's pretty good. What about brisket and....a Ferris wheel? One Texas BBQ joint is gaining lots of attention for this strange combo.
Texas BBQ Pit for Sale on eBay for $350,000
Texas can crank out the BBQ and burgers. And here's your chance to crank out a ton of it! One Texas man is selling a BBQ pit that's bigger than the semi cab that pulls it, and if you buy it you might be able to cook for entire football teams.
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
Don't you love a festival that's centered around food?  Texas is great at it!
We've got a good one coming up May 3rd in Downtown Tyler.  The Red Dirt BBQ and Music Festival will have plenty of tasty food and lots of great music.  Plan on it!
How can ya fully experience al…

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