It seems as if its happening more frequently than in the past and it's happening again with tomorrow nights PowerBall lottery drawing as the jackpot continues to soar to new heights! The estimated jackpot for tomorrow night's drawing is sitting at $550 million dollars! If you happen to match all 5 numbers and the one power ball number, you'll win the record setting jackpot and if you elect to take the cash value, right now you'd take home $350.1 million of the $550 million BEFORE the government takes its portion, but after that you'll still be left with quite a bit!

You have until Saturday evening to purchase that special $2 ticket to hopefully win the life changing money so that you can buy whatever your heart desires or give away how ever much you want because if you don't do either, the friend's you forgot about will come knocking on your door asking for help!

Now I know if I were to ask you, "if you won the lottery what would you do with all the money?", your first and second response would most likely be - buy a car and buy a house! That's the answer just about everyone would give, so I'll go ahead and ask you the question but put this restriction on it, you can't buy a house or car with your money first! So, what would you do with the lottery winning if you won the jackpot?

As for me and my lottery numbers, I think I'll play the same numbers I did last November when the jackpot was at $360 million and see if I have any better luck this time!