Pearl Jam is taking plenty of trips back to their old days with new album, "Lightning Bolt." The sound we've heard from new single "Mind Your Manners" and other songs off the album ("Lightning Bolt" and "Future Days") showcase classic Pearl Jam sounds.

And now comes a -- and this is big for Pearl Jam and their fans -- a music video.

The new video for "Mind Your Manners" is, in itself, an homage to past Pearl Jam. The video, directed by filmmaker Danny Cinch, takes some cues from PJ's video for "Do The Evolution," showing world catastrophes, nuclear bombs and the like.

"Mind Your Manners" is already similar in sound to "Do The Evolution," as well as the classic "Spin the Black Circle."

For this Pearl Jam fan, it's refreshing to see Pearl Jam return to what made Pearl Jam great ... and mixing it up by giving us a video.