The story that has a girlfriend with boyfriend and a open relationship with another guy living with them will result it a ridiculous turn of events that ends in (of course) someone being shot. This story starts with a boyfriend and girlfriend who have an open relationship. This means the two are allowed sleep around, like having a never-ending "hall pass."

Candace Lee and boyfriend Shakir Muilam were just broken up and Lee began seeing this other guy while they were all living under the same roof. The other guy was living there because he had cancer, apparently.

The new couple was sitting outside when Muiliam showed up and said to them that the other guy could move out and he didn't approve of their relationship.

Then things got heated.

After reportedly hitting her head, Lee went inside, grabbed a .22-caliber rifle, went outside and shot Muilam in the leg. But apparently she felt bad, so she called the police and helped Muilam stop the wound.