Apparently, getting older and dealing with the inability to rise to the occasion doesn’t mean you have to lead a sex-free life. At least not in Japan.

According to an article published in the Tokyo Reporter, the country’s booming sex industry ensures that distinguished gentlemen continue to enjoy relations of all sorts later in life.

The article estimates that at some shops, more than half of the patrons of Tokyo’s licensed brothels are seniors. Even though they can’t get it up, the seniors can still go down. “Men in their 60s can still enjoy stimulating gals with their fingers and tongues,” a source in the article claims. “They pray to the god of the vagina. Just according it worship is enough to give them peace of mind.”

A manager of a fashion health massage shop -that’s a lot of things going on in one establishment, no?- went on record to state his oldest client is 85 and that business is booming in the 60 to 70 year old age bracket. The manager said, “There are those who enjoy ejaculating, and others who are just content to have a drink with a gal or take a bath together. Some just take a bath and go home. That’s enough to satisfy any sexual urges that’s built up.”

Intercourse is not permitted at many of the brothels and many are appointment-only, both of which relieve some of the pressure, embarrassment and inadequacy an older man might feel when surrounded by horny young bucks who are raring to go.

The older clientele is appreciated by the sex workers themselves, like Madoka, 36. Forced into a gig as a sex worker upon losing her regular job after the power plant accident that rocked Japan, she claims her clients are “all gentlemen, who don’t try and force me to do things.”

In addition to the traditional brothels, there are out-call services, where a business like Four-Leaf Clover serves men from 60 to 75 years of age. These brothels and out-call services are taking advantage of an untapped market. There’s a menu of options, depending on your budget. Men can choose from the “platonic course” where the women accompany the men on a dinner or movie date or the “calm down,” which has a happy ending. Yes, THAT type of ‘happy ending’ which usually leads to the other.

Getting older isn’t a death sentence for the slowing libido in Japan, that’s for sure.