The idea of movies that rock clicks a sensor in the brain that makes you sit down, shut up and watch. This weekend I saw a movie the definitely rocked and thought we would talk about these movies for a Monday water cooler.

Lets start by getting into the subject, "movies that rock." First off, a movie that rocks has to show its credentials before setting foot on stage. If we are going to give it two hours of our life, it should have a rich history of rock and the basics, including women, axe solos, live concert footage and a vast supply of outlandish stuff going on.

So, this weekend I watched a great  movie, "Almost Famous."

. This movie had all the above and a little more. There are many movies that rock in our rich history that movie makers have been trying to assimilate throughout the years. I have put up a list of my top 15 favorites and a couple trailers for you to peruse on your dreaded Monday.

My Top 15 Movies That Rock:

1. Almost Famous
2. A Hard Day's Night
3. Tommy
4. Pink Floyd "The Wall"
5. Walk The Line
6. The Doors
7. Pirate Radio
8. Detroit Rock City
9. Wayne's World
10. Rock Star
11. High Fidelity
12. Private Parts
13. This is Spinal Tap
14. Pump Up The Volume
15. Don't Look Back


And, one of my favorite scenes: Disco vs. Rock in "Detroit Rock City."

So, what's your favorite music movie, fellow rockers?