Media Baron Rupert Murdoch has denied any involvement in his British press operations phone hacking scandal. How far did this hacking go, and whose privacy was taken away in this 'Big Brother' scheme? Read on to find out.

I guess Murdoch was a big George Orwell fan. In the book 1984, Big Brother is always listening. Murdoch answered questions before a Parliament investigation committee in regards to this invasion of privacy. When asked if he was responsible, his only word was "No."

I can understand having a big global media company and not knowing every little thing that happens. A secretary sleeping with the boss in one of his smaller companies, but come on Rupert, this is not some office fling. Having this many reports of private phone hacking has got to pop up at one of the board meetings. This is your company, accept some responsibility.

But it seems that Murdoch was not the only one involved. It would seem that two of London's top police officers have resigned because of ties to the scandal. Heck, the public relations official for the world famous Scotland Yard was once an editor for the tabloid. It would seem that 10 of the 45 people in the police's public relations office were former employees of this media giant.

But who were the victims? Reports are showing there are allegations of accessing thousands of voice mails of celebrities, politicians, rival journalists, and even a murdered teen-age girl. Are you people sick? There are even allegations of possibly accessing the phones of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack victims. What is your problem? Are you really gone sit there Mr. Murdoch and blame this on people you trusted and deny that you had no knowledge?

And to add to this conspiracy, British reporter Sean Hoare who first brought this scandal to light, was found dead Monday. Here is the conspiracy part. His death is not considered suspicious. I may not be the smartest kid on the block but that seems a little suspicious to me.

Well Mr. Murdoch, keep up your denials and blame other people. Just remember, Big Brother works both ways. Careful what you say on the phone yourself.