Over a decade ago Limp Bizkit blew up on the music scene. With a heavy mix of rap and rock, their sound was highly loved and highly hated at the same time. Tough times between band members broke them up years ago, but the original line up is back. With a new album on the way, the response is the same as it was a decade ago. A lot of love, and a lot of hate. More after the jump.

Limp Bizkit burst onto the music scene near the end of the 90s. Going into the 2000s their name was big. Huge success, tons of negative reviews, and a wave of wild youth connecting with the group. But tension in the band lead to the eventual break up. But 2008 marked the return of the original line up.

Since then the band has been working on a new album and touring. The new album titled "Gold Cobra" is set to release June 28, 2011. A number of delays have been put on the albums release, which the band says is because of too much material. Fred Durst, frontman of the band, tweeted in May,

Obviously we have two albums here, in case you didn't pick up on that. First one is Gold Cobra. Due soon.

So aside from this album, looks like another album is set to release afterwards. The response to the album is the same as any other Limp Bizkit album, people think its great and terrible. ARTISTdirect gave it a 5 out of 5 stars saying,

It's a vitriolic, vicious, and vital exorcism of rage from rap metal's most successful outfit. Gold Cobra is everything that it should be. It's angry, anthemic, and aggressive, and it's a result of the band's tightest and toughest playing since Three Dollar Bill, Y'all$

While other websites like Antiquiet gave it a 1 out of 5 stars. However after an exchange of words between guitarist of Limp Bizkit, Wes Borland, the site said they were wrong, and gave the album another star for 2 out of 5. So its safe to say the overall sound of Gold Cobra is like the original Limp Bizkit. So if your an old fan of Limp Bizkit, your gonna love it. If you never liked them, then you still never will. My thoughts on Limp Bizkit? Well I can listen to any genre of music and give an open opinion. When it comes to Limp Bizkit, I can rock with it.

What are your thoughts on the return of Limp Bizkit? Oh yeah or oh no? Take a listen to some songs off the album: