Some people need big thrills, bungee jumping, naked razor blade toss (I made that one up) cliff diving, etc. I fly small airplanes with one engine and some people think that doing so is CRAZY.  I've even flown that small single engine airplane at night. What? To some, that is just not a reasonable thing to do. They think it's bat-sh*t crazy. My take is that I've undergone extensive training to minimize what risks I can. I know that one day my ticket will be up and I can't change that so I gotta just get on with the living.

For some people cliff diving is their thing.

USA Today did an article recently on the most thrilling cliff diving locations.  Click to check the article. If you need a cliff diving fix here's little video to get you pumped up:

I probably am not going be hopping off a cliff into amazingly beautiful water any time soon. It's just not my thing. However, my night currency is about up (3 night landings at night in past 90 days in order to carry passengers at night) so I will be going out and flying around with one engine in the dark yet again. Crazy!

Do you have a hobby or thrill seeking activity that you love? I'd like to know about it.