It is very tough for some to figure out where their next meal might come from. Some, during these winter months, must choose between a meal and keeping their heat on. This kind of hunger is something no one should have to experience. So, hunters have decided to help out. 

Those who enjoy hunting are going to go out as much as they can to get that great buck. They truly love hunting and need no more reason to do it. That was, until they figured out they could lend a helping hand by doing what they loved.

If you are going out almost every weekend to hunt and seem to keep getting lucky, what do you do with all of that deer meat you are collecting? Why not leave some room in your freezer and give a meal to someone in need. This is exactly what the people of organizations like Hunters Sharing the Harvest thought.

This unique program, like many across the country, have come together to join the love of hunting with the need for food for the less fortunate.

How does it work? Well, hunters go out and do what they do best and then bring the deer to a local USDA certified and program friendly butcher where the meat can be processed. Then, this deer meat can be sent to local area food banks. Boom. Lives saved and fun by the hunters had. What a great plan right?

And, it couldn't come at a better time. With food aide being cut across the nation and the cold making it harder on those without food, this is the perfect plan.

This isn't a new idea either. Hunters Sharing the Harvest has been in operation since 1991 in Pennsylvania. With dozens of others programs like them working all over the US, they have been collectively feeding millions.


Plus, this meat is much healthier for those that are receiving the donations than if they were feed the American favorite, beef. The nutritional value of deer meat compared to beef is astounding.

Protein in deer meat is at 49.2 % where beef is only at 42.9 %. That might not be a big difference, but the calories are surely counting out to a big gap. The calories in beef come to 13.7 and deer is sitting pretty at only 8.7. But, the biggest comparison comes from the fat count. Deer is at 11.8 % and beef is at a shocking 31.2%!

It is healthy, it feeds those in the most need, and those that were already hunting can continue on. I can't see why this isn't more wide spread.

What do you think?

Here is a little more information for you guys on this great program.

To find out how you can help our local East Texas Food Bank, visit their website.