Today I was going to do surfer wives to keep the theme for today's hotty vs. hotty, but then I ended up looking at the women surfers. Soooooo ... women surfers today!Daize Shayne (above at left) is a hotty and smoking surfing star. She is a two-time world champ and model on the side. She was featured in Maxim and two issues of ReadyGo Magazine Japan, in which she had 16 full-page color photos of her modelling with pop star Britney Spears. She was born in 1978 in California.

For our second hotty surfer, we have Erica Hosseini. She is a very sweet and hot stunner. She may be holding a skateboard up there, but she's a surfer, I promise.

She was modeling when she was only 11 in Teen Vogue and also a Cosmo Girl. Born in 1987, she has her own website and even a video on her page from Access Hollywood.

So, let's vote!