Well, when it comes to the last beer sometimes things get out of control, I suppose. I just wonder if it was good beer that caused this latest wonder of awesomeness.Police reports allege that a father stabbed his son twice in the leg with a knife over an argument over who was getting the last beer in the fridge.

The local police were called to ask a few questions to the stab victim at the county hospital.

Brandon Crabtree, the son, told cops he and his dad were sipping cold ones until an argument ensued over who would be the one to get the last brew. Then things went down and got dirty when the arguing got physical and then he realized he had been stabbed by his father.

Then the father gave his side. From the police report:

Timothy (the father) stated that they had been drinking and got into an altercation when Brandon got out of control, pushed him to the ground, and started assaulting him. Timothy stated he grabbed a kitchen knife that was laying on the kitchen counter and stabbed his son twice in the leg to get him off of him.”

Both were booked on different charges, released and have to appear in court in late October.