Go Rangers! Let's hear it for our boys who eliminated the Los Angeles Angels from the play off race last night! While celebrating, we found some epic baseball fails -- some of them are so great you will have to watch them twice. We (Jeff Evans) loves this time of year -- how about you?

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    Cubs Fan Tries To Throw Ball Back Into The Game

    This guy should have just kept the ball -- was he trying to impress the cute girl behind him? If he was -- say it with us "EPIC FAIL!"
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    Belly Flop -- Double Twist

    This actually isn't a fail but would have been had the play not been stopped -- epic move!
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    Taking A Hit To The Cup

    This poor guy -- ouch -- but watch the video the umpire checks his junk. What this a sympathetic gesture -- or an in opportune time to "re-arrange"
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    Verlander Embarrasses Bautista

    How can a trained professional MISS a pitch by two feet? FAIL!
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    Every Day I'm Stumblin'

    We wondered if this guy was trying out new shoes or what the heck he was doing!