Men's Health did the painstaking research of searching through data to help them determine which US cities are the "smuttiest cities in America." As with any study, there were criteria including:

  • The number of pornographic DVDs purchased, rented, or streamed
  • The number of adult entertainment stores per city
  • Rate of porn searches
  • Percentage of Cinemax subscribing households - better known as Skinemax for the soft-core porn lovers!

At the top of the list - and this is scary - Orlando, Florida. Vegas was number two. Texas is well represented in the list of 100 cities - including Dallas at number 15. Here's a look at where Texans love their porn:

  • #10 Austin
  • #15 Dallas
  • #26 Plano
  • #45 Ft. Worth
  • #73 San Antonio
  • #77 Corpus Christi
  • #90 El Paso
  • #95 Laredo
  • #96 Lubbock