Many women will wear a corset to appear sexy to men. The synch waist creates the ideal hour glass shape, but at what cost should the waist be distorted? One woman will show you wear corsets may change from sexy into a little bit crazy.

Cathie Jung has been wearing a corset for decades. 50 years, a long and happy lifetime for some. These many years have been Jung's lifetime tightening her lacing.

Her waist began at 26 inches around. In a corset she can now wear a 15 inch corset. She has almost cut her waist size in half. It now has the same circumference as a CD.

If you would like to learn more, Cathie Jung has a very insightful and informative website. She explains the full story of how she got where she is now. There are numerous picture galleries of her amazing figure and there are great examples of the world's many corsets.

Now that you have done a little bit of research, what is your opinion on the subject?