Soundgarden has been the champ in two Cage Matches so far. Let's see how Chris and his boys do against Sully and Godsmack in this round.First is Soundgarden, and they need no introduction. If you don't know them, then put down that stick you should be beating yourself with and get to their old stuff first. Check out "Black Hole Sun" below.

Band two today really need no intro, either, since they have had numerous No. 1 hits on the rock charts. But if you don't know Sully Erna and Godsmack let me help. They hail from New Hampshire and have been on the roadsince 1995. They have released five studio albums, three of which have gone No. 1. They also boast 20 top 10 hits.

We will grab "Keep Away" from their self-titled album to put in the cage today against Soudngarden.

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