Korn pushes out Pearl Jam with their first hit "Blind" since we are doing first hits in the cage this month. We will grab Tool to battle with Korn, our new champ.

Korn  is the new champ in the cage today vs. Tool and their first hit release. The tour for Korn didn’t go well to promote their self-titled album, but it did open lots of new metal fans to look and listen. It did chart in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. It hit shelves in 1994 and in my eyes was a banger of an album. Check out “Blind” below.

Tool is in the cage as the competition today with their first hit single that charted from the album Undertow. "Sober" was the first charting hit for them in 1993 which charted at 13 on the Mainstream Rock Charts.They had "Opiate" as realistically their first song but wasn't a hit. Maynard James Keenan lead singer and all around bad ass took "Undertow" to the charts with three big hitters.

The song "Sober" Below.