Recently a blogger wrote a story titled, "Tattoos and Other Easy Ways to Ruin Your Body." In this article he writes about his personal distaste and almost hatred of tattoos on females. He goes on and on about how tattoos make men un-attracted to girls with them. What do you think?

The writer in this anti-tattoos article feels very passionate about his dislike of girls with some ink. He makes some pretty bold statements.

He lists off some reasons of how getting a tattoo will make men less attracted to the girl. Some of these were; a "rebellious" act that is more like a sheep following the herd, tattoos were once a symbol for who was a prostitute, and they are another man's mark on your body. 

His entire article is packed full of tat-hate. Is he making a blunt and bold statement about what people, especially men, really think? Have girls with tattoos really been disgusting to men? Do females with some ink really just shout out to the rest of the world that they are probably slutty? According to this writer, guys really think tattoos say, "I'm a whore" or "*likely* diseased (use condoms)."

This is a bit shocking to read. I wanted to laugh. I got slightly scared it was true, but then I laughed again. Also, a lot of me wanted to tattoo something like "IDIOT" to this guys forehead.

My friend posted this on her Facebook wall. She being a tattooed girl, I waited for the comments to emerge below. I wanted to know what people really thought about this guys tat rants. My favorite comment came from another tattooed girl. She said, "Glad I am out of that guy's dating pool."

But, maybe these Facebook comments were biased. So, let me ask you. What do you think about girls with tattoos?