Been jonesin' for some AC/DC?  Watch this video and turn up the speakers! (Or put in your ear-buds if you are work.)  "AC/DC Live At River Plate" is going to be the  definitive live concert DVD.

This video documents AC/DC's massive Black Ice World Tour -- totally syck as it was shot with 32 cameras entirely in HD in December of 2009 -- more AC/DC ramblings after the jump.
AC/DC Live At River Plate marks AC/DC's return to Buenos Aires where nearly 200,000 fans, and 3 sold-out shows, welcomed the band back after a 13 year absence from Argentina.  Dang we missed it!

I am such a AC/DC junkie -- I included another video -- indulge me.  :)

AC/DC Live At River Plate: Documentary Teaser from Columbia Records on Vimeo.