Leave it to Alex Rodriguez to continue to find ways to disgust baseball fans without even trying. He definitely gave fans everywhere, Yankee fans included, another reason to just shake our heads at him. But it's not like we really needed another reason. Not only is he sucking it up on the field, but he is finding things to do to keep him entertained while he warms the bench.

Spectators at Game 1 of the ALCS report that after A-Rod left the game in the eighth inning after getting pulled for a pinch hitter, he began flirting with two girls sitting near the dugout. Sources said that A-Rod threw a ball to the two girls in the stands. No big deal, right?

The girls were less than amused so they tried to give it to someone else. Other fans around them noticed there was a note on the ball and convinced the girls to take the ball back. The note apparently asked the girls for their phone numbers. One of the girls sheepishly wrote a response on the ball and threw it back to A-Rod, who responded with a big smile.

Sources said that the flirting went on into the 12th inning when Derek Jeter left the game with an ankle injury, leading to an eventual loss to the Tigers. Priorities people! I guess since A-Rod is batting .130 (3-for-23) with 12 strikeouts in the playoffs, he has to find another way to score.