Eighteen wheelers are made to haul products from point to point, they are not made to go airborne but that's what happened to one rig last Thursday on an Indiana highway.

The truck and flatbed trailer was loaded with 80 thousand pounds of brick and went airborne when it was forced off the road by another car. The semi tried to swerve to keep from hitting the car and what happened next is truly amazing.

The semi went off the road and up the embankment of another highway and went airborne. It crossed two lanes of a divided highway and knocked out several guardrails before rupturing a gas tank.  At one point, all 18 wheels were up off the ground and it was all caught on tape from another semi's dashboard video. Both the driver of the semi and his 7 year old son received minor injuries from this accident. It could have been worse if there was traffic on the opposing road that the semi flew over or if the ensuing fire would have caught the cab of the rig on fire.

Check out this unbelievable video footage from the news report.
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