Just when you think scientists might have found the last billion-year-old anything, they find 1.5 billion-year-old water.

Scientists took water samples near the small town of Timmins in Ontario, Canada and found that the radioactive atoms found in the water were near 1.5 billion years old.

The scientists say this water was trapped and sealed before humans evolved and multi-celluar life existed.

Scientist Greg Holland said this week in the journal Nature, "This is the oldest cache of water ever found." Scientists say the water is preserved from ancient oceans.

According to the report on NPR, "are now testing the water samples for evidence of microbes. They hope to have results within a year. If life is found, it would have evolved distinctly from the surface world and might give a unique insight into the earliest forms of life on Earth. Its discovery would also give hope to people searching for life in places that are even more remote."