Summer may seem like it is 13 weeks long, but if you are a volleyball or football athlete or band member, it is much closer to like 8 weeks. According to the UIL, students or returning lettermen wanting to represent their respective schools on the court or on the field for the fall, will begin Strength and Conditioning workouts next Monday July 22nd.


The release of Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine has for 60 years now, been the "unofficial start" of high school football season even though girls volleyball statewide begins over a week earlier. UIL continues to set strict scheduling guidelines pertaining to summer and preseason  preparation times for all high school and middle school athletes.


According to UIL, Volleyball will begin distributing equipment and begin practices on August 1st with games/matches scheduled to begin on August 6th. Football teams will do the same beginning August 5th with first day of practice in helmets and shoulder pads coming 2 days later. Full pad and contact practice will begin that Saturday August 10th. Rules for start dates vary depending on those programs in different classifications that offered spring football.


Most high school volleyball programs will begin their regular season games on Tuesday August the 6th while most all high school football programs will begin regular season games beginning Thursday August 29th.

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