The current "modern" homes you see springing up in subdivisions in East Texas faster than you can blink aren't being made with the same care and materials as homes back in the day. You can see this in their design, the materials they use and their inability to last long before you need repairs.

Tyler and East Texas are filled with these "older" homes and while many of you may look down or turn your nose up at the prospect of buying a 50 year old home, those homes are still standing and in AMAZING shape and in most cases are far more LARGER and spacious than those "Mini McMansions".

When you pull up to 1919 McDonald Rd. in Tyler, you might feel like you're going back in time to "The Wonder Years" by the outer appearance, but wait until you see INSIDE this beauty. It looks like you're entering a time capsule but the amenities on this one is CRAZY.

Built in 1964 by Tyler architect-owner Robert Y. Brown, this spacious four thousand square feet, five bedrooms, and three and a half bath home was renovated in 2017.

Armed with original architectural renderings, drawings, and blueprints, they set about updating Central Air, plumbing, and other mechanicals to ready the home for the next sixty years. - via CIRCA

Let's take a look inside shall we:

Old School Tyler Home With Modern Upgrades

This beautiful Tyler Home looks like a old school time capsule on the inside, but you've got to go INSIDE to see it to believe it!

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