They've come up with a list of the least religious cities in America, and Seattle is in a three-way tie for first.

How did Texas do?

There are lot of places out in the West that rank in the top 10 on the list of the least religious cities, according to MarketWatch.

Isn't it Las Vegas that they refer to as "Sin City?"  It's 5th on the list of the least religious places in the US.  Here are the Top 4.

1.    Portland, Ore. (tie): 37%
2.    San Francisco, Calif. (tied for first): 37%
3.    Seattle, Wash. (tied for first): 37%
4.    Denver, Colo. (tie): 29%

Those percentages are the people in those cities that are unaffiliated with any church or religion.

Dallas ranks in the Top 25, with 17 percent of the population unaffiliated with religion.  Eighteen percent in Houston don't go to church.

For a lot of us, going to church is a personal choice that we'll make regardless of what others around us are doing.  We'll just get to brunch a little bit later than the non-church-going crowd.  Is church important to you?

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