Talk about living life in the fast lane!

Just the idea of moving makes my skin crawl as I'm getting comfortable in my new apartment, but when it comes to moving furniture and appliances I would have never risked life and death like one Texas driver in Abilene.

Fox News reports that earlier this month a Jeep Liberty was spotted with a washer as wide as the windshield sitting on a blanket on the hood and held in place by two straps!

The photo on the Abilene Police Department’s Facebook page has gained over 241 shares with the caption “Job security for us.”

Comments on the post from concerned motorists included another photo of possibly the same vehicle with another appliance on the hood and full roof rack.

However, what’s even more surprising is the driver managed to not get a moving violation, but instead a verbal warning because the original image wasn’t taken by the officer, but by a concerned citizen.

Next time just rent a U-Haul!

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