When Do You ‘Break the Barrier?’ [NSFW VIDEO]
A friend of mine sent me this video yesterday.  Damn funny for a Friday if you ask me.  It deals with what they call "Breaking The Barrier." When you are in a new relationship, when is the appropriate amount of time before you can comfortably fart in front of each other?
Can He Do It Sober?
This video is a rare find.  We are constantly bombarded with videos of pool tricks gone wrong. So is it wrong that I found this to be a little of a let down?
News Anchor Fail [NSFW VIDEO]
I stumbled across this on Youtube this afternoon and I just had to share. Enjoy this not safe for work video of a news anchorwoman fail! Video after the jump.
Emily Scott – Sexiest Aussie Babe [VIDEO]
I love it down under!  Actually I've never been to Australia, but I love an Australian girls accent!  Enter Emily Scott!  Recently named 'Sexiest Aussie Babe' and you, my friends, are about to see why!  Enjoy the video after the jump.
Dude Fights Woman Over Foul Ball [VIDEO]
Check out this douche bag! He fights a woman over a foul ball that the Arizona Diamondbacks player obviously meant to go to her. The only thing worst I can think of would be taking the ball away from a little kid! Check out the video after the jump.
Greatest Freak Out Ever [VIDEO]
People do different things when they are having a "freak out" moment. This kid has the ultimate freak out moment. His brother secretly films the whole thing, and what you are about to see is so intense and hilarious at the same time, you will be watching it over and over. Check it …
Hitler Reacts to Miami Heat’s NBA Championship Loss [VIDEO]

The latest edition of the Hitler 'Downfall' Internet meme has the Fuhrer furiously bemoaning the demise of the Miami Heat and its star, LeBron James, who lost the 2011 NBA Championship to the Dallas Mavericks Sunday night.
Hitler blasts LeBron as "the biggest choke artist since David Carradine&q…

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