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The End of (Breakfast) Times...
OK maybe I'm exaggerating, but I bet to some - such as myself - this is not a great way to start a year.
Bacon prices are on the rise as bacon reserves (yes, we have reserves for our treasures) are at the lowest levels in over 50 years...
This is the Poorest Town in Texas
Every state has cities where the money seems to flow more easily than others, and the spot in Texas that has the most trouble getting on its financial feet is in the southern tip, near McAllen and Brownsville.
In other words, there IS opportunity in Tyler and Longview.  We're not the riches…
Texas Bison Are Unique
The bald eagle has been the only national symbol for the past 234 years, but there's a push right now for bison to be recognized too.  Bison may not be top-of-mind here, but Texas has hundreds of them.
Besides zoos, where do we find them?