trick or treat

Win Halloween With Self-Serve Trick-or-Treating
If you're going to be out trick-or-treating tonight with your own kids but you still want to pass out candy to the neighborhood, this self-serve method will solve your dilemma. And with no potential downsides, this is a total Halloween win.
What Is Your Favorite Halloween Activity?
Tonight is almost the biggest night of the year for kids, second only to Christmas probably, because they'll be going door to door with their cute little catch phrases to get their haul of the candy goodness!
What Do You Go Trick Or Treating With?
With Halloween on the way, many kids (and adults too) will be out on Friday the 31st going door to door trick or treating for candy. They'll all be dressed up in some sort of costume, some will be elaborate and some will be as easy as wearing a football jersey! They all have one thing in mind t…

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