Shark Week

Big Fan Of Shark Week? Here’s A New Drinking Game To Try.
Shark Week started Saturday on the Discovery Channel, and more people are watching it this week than at any point in the week's 27-year history.  The popularity has grown, and with it comes a pretty intense drinking game.  Here are the rules!
(I'm sure you can drink iced tea or Cr…
Friendly Shark or Crazy Lady?
Can a shark be friendly? I don't know if I would risk an arm to find out. This video shows a woman hand feeding a great white shark! She obviously lives every week like it is shark week.
Get Ready — Shark Week is Coming! [VIDEO]
Shark Week is undoubtedly the biggest week long event on television. People anxiously sit around their televisions year round waiting for the great whites to take over. Well the wait is almost over. The 25th Shark Week takes over televisions nationwide this Sunday, August 12th.