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Chicken Purchased in East Texas May Have Dirt In It
To say the least, it's not ideal to lift a freshly sauced and grilled chicken wing to your mouth and taste dirt and sand.  That puts a damper on the back yard party.
There's one company recalling its products now over worries about sand and black soil in the chicken. And ther…
Stores Know What They’re Doing With The Free Samples
Can you resist the urge to walk by the free samples in grocery stores without indulging?
Sometimes on those days when I'm starving and trying to squeeze in one more errand on the way home, I'll cross my fingers that the store will have some great free samples to take the edge off my growling stomach.…
Woman Takes a Dump in Grocery Store … Seriously [VIDEO]
Sometimes while searching the Internet for a hilarious video to post or searching for hot chicks to feature as our next Twitter Girl of the Week, we come across a real gem. Hopefully you're not eating at your desk right now because if you are, you're about to be finished!