Kids! Mama Got Roped Into Getting Another Pet.
Kids always want a pet it seems. My three daughters seem to rotate the duty of asking for a new pet, even though we have a miniature schnauzer named Harry and he's a good boy and not in danger of losing his role in the family. When I point out that we could just settle in and be content with Ha…
Fish on Good Friday? Not Paul McCartney
Christians celebrate Easter on Sunday, and some choose to eat fish today (Good Friday) instead of beef, pork, or chicken.
Paul McCartney is urging people to skip meat all together today, and is part of an online campaign launched by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) where he's s…
Don’t Eat Some Of The Fish Caught in East Texas
There was a warning issued yesterday not to eat some of the fish caught in East Texas, and if you've recently been on a fishing trip to these sites you might want to take heed.
The advisory came from the Texas State Health Department, and includes Sam Rayburn Reservoir and the B.A. Steinhagen Re…

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