Scarborough Renaissance Festival is Open Near Dallas
The Houston Renaissance Festival takes place every fall, and Scarborough Renaissance Festival is the North Texas option for the spring. That's open now, and it's the place to go if you're craving one of those sausage-wrapped Scottish Eggs to go with a little jousting.
East Texas Gusher Days are Coming to Gladewater
It's festival season in East Texas, and it's high time we enter some chili cook-offs, check out some car shows, ride some carnival rides, and eat some food on a stick. If we hop in the car on any given weekend, it's likely we can roll into festival somewhere, and Gladewater has a good…
A Year to Grow the Longest Beard
Beards are everywhere now, and some of you guys have a real knack from growing some doozies! Now you've got a chance to get paid for it if you can grow the longest one.
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
Don't you love a festival that's centered around food?  Texas is great at it!
We've got a good one coming up May 3rd in Downtown Tyler.  The Red Dirt BBQ and Music Festival will have plenty of tasty food and lots of great music.  Plan on it!
How can ya fully experience al…